1. S

    Internal Stone Wall Options

    Hi all, Hope everyone is well. I'm looking for advice on plastering stone walls in my place. I have a Victorian property where all the walls (internal and external) are solid stone with thick horsehair plaster/ lime and multiple layers of wall paper. Some of the external walls are quite damp...
  2. D

    Newbie needing to sort damp in bay window - current render is mix of lime, multi as well as a bit of cement tanking

    Hi This bay window in a Victorian built terraced house has been having a few damp issues. After investigating, removing the skirtings showed multi finish skim going right down to the floor, so I've started hacking that back given that it probably was wicking moisture up (there was green in...
  3. B

    Basement Victorian Flat Damp Woes

    I live in the basement flat of a Victorian house that was converted back in the early 80's. During my two years here I've noticed damp issues with quite a few of the walls, where paint and other unidentified layers have come away from the walls. I'm wondering if these problems are mostly due to...
  4. X

    Lancaster - plasterer with Bauwer products experience, or similar

    Hi I have a large 1860's end terrace which we will be renovating throughout room by room. Walls are stolid stone with original lime plaster which needs extensively renewing throughout the whole house. Lime plaster is proving prohibitively expensive due to the sheer size of the property so...
  5. cornsack

    Plastering victorian solid walls

    Hi all, My parents bought a nice Victorian terraced about a year ago and I've been helping renovate a room at a time when I can spare a week here or a week there. Have done their main bedroom with much success and they are going with exposed chimney breasts in the bedrooms. I've now started...