uni finish

  1. A

    Dodgy bag of uni finish?

    Hi all, I used a bag of the new 'tried and tested' uni finish on a painted wall, only about 5m sq, but as I spread the plaster it took almost straight away and within 2 minutes it was near gone off, I had to spray it down to flatten it just 5-10 minutes after I applied it, the second coat hung...
  2. R


    hi, I have called at a job where uni finish as been used,painted solid background.large areas have now shelled off.it was done approx. 6 months ago.any one else come across problems with unifinish.cheers
  3. G

    I used uni finish today

    On a silky looking textured ceiling 12m2 it worked really well on that loads of time maybe be to much. I then used it on a wall and a few patches where the sparks had chased out, the end result was ok but man it was going off as soon as it was on,2 coats same mix plenty of water lots of sweat...
  4. Danny

    The Renovation Project #18: British Gypsum UniFinish

    The Renovation Project #18: British Gypsum UniFinish - Plasterers News I have been using Uni Finish on my new place...