1. J

    Rendering over very uneven brickwork

    I have done a fair bit of internal wall plastering but never attempted any rendering until now. I have a brick outbuilding at the end of my garden and i am hoping to render all of the internal walls but the brickwork is all over the place. Every wall is different and in places you're looking at...
  2. A

    New to plastering and desperately need some advice!

    Hello all, Apologies if this is a bone question. I've taken all the tiles off in the kitchen, and the wall underneath is solid, but uneven (see photos). I want to tile over the top, but pretty sure I need to prepare the wall in some way. I looked at bonding plaster, but the Gypsum website...
  3. Mbk04

    Pitting on overskims

    Hi all, anyone got the cause and cure of pitting on overskims, its mainly when im going over artex. I don't have a pic but basically it looks a bit like acne..and can look uneven..no matter how much I trowel it it doesn't go. i know that it paints over fine but at certain light angles it makes...