thin coat

  1. A

    Thinking of buying a spray machine to spray multi any advice?

    Hi all, Thinking about investing in a spray machine. Any advice or recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  2. R

    Vimark thin coat 1mm grain

    Project nearing completion and happy with the end result. Picked up a lot along the way on our first thin coat application. Would appreciate your thoughts....
  3. 1

    Help- needing to correct poor external monocouche job

    I posted a while back asking is my builders renderers had done a good job on my house.... long story short, they haven’t. It’s awful. So after waiting months my Builder has finally lined someone up the week after next. I have a couple of questions though if someone can help? 1) The guy is...
  4. G

    Thin coats / primed or not ?

    We've got a badly done mono that we are tidying up for a customer. We've put a nice tight coat of Nivoplan all over it and will be spraying Mapei 1.5mm bucket coat over it to finish. We always prime first but I've been told it's not necessary unless it's an old, dry background. We want it to...
  5. mikeg7099

    basecoat and acrylic top coat

    Am I taking the piss asking for £25 m2 for basecoat, mesh and acrylic top coat? Buckinghamshire area.