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    Orange staining and plaster taking a long time to go off - limelite skim

    Hi all We're currently renovating our 1898 end terrace house and have started skimming our external walls with limelite. All sections of wall that have been skimmed so far have been perfect but the section between our chimney breast and back door has reacted very strangely. Initially, the...
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    Internal Lime Plaster on North facing gable wall

    Hello Lime Plasterers! 3 years ago, we bought a flint cottage. The first job we did was repointing the whole external gable wall ( with sand and nhl 3.5 lime as we are only a couple of miles from the coast) as the mortar was cement-based instead of the original lime pointing. We stripped the...
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    Advice needed on stained flags

    Hi all, i have had a contractor in and he has dropped some weber mushroom on the flags and i cant get it off! i have tried brick acid but it hasn't budged can anyone recommend a cleaner or method Thanks Les
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    Monorex Headache

    Hi Guys, I'm not a plasterer just a customer and need some info because I'm right out of my depth so go easy on me! Just had new grey spray painted UPVC windows fitted and bottom half of house rendered with monorex (top half is to be clad). big problem is that grey paint has stained really...