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    Plastering a internal brick wall after chimney breast has been removed

    We have just had the chimney breast removed and we are left with soot stains on the wall. I have scrubbed it twice with TSP cleaner which i read was the best thing. I have read various things on how to cover it before plastering. Could someone give me some tips on what's best to do so that the...
  2. K

    Hiding soot stained chimney breast with battens/plywood/plasterboard

    all Just looking for some advice or ideas to cover up the attached picture situation please. Log/coal fire my mum had didn't have flexible flue installed so soot build up in chimney only discovered after painting walls. Getting flue installed now etc but the stains will continue to come...
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    Lots of Questions

    Hey, Thanks for looking. So I've got myself into a bit of a mess with a property I'm developing. We managed to buy a house to develop with my GF and her Dad, but costs are quickly adding up and unfortunately we can't afford all the trades to come and do this stuff for us. Basically, I want...