solid walls

  1. B

    What to use to level out bowed wall..hardwall?

    I have a solid exterior wall (non cavity) upstairs in Victorian property, not ground floor. It is bowed floor to ceiling and start to end with window in between. It is rendered on the outside. I have been advised NOT to use browning or bonding as this attracts moisture. Wall was already multi...
  2. cornsack

    Plastering victorian solid walls

    Hi all, My parents bought a nice Victorian terraced about a year ago and I've been helping renovate a room at a time when I can spare a week here or a week there. Have done their main bedroom with much success and they are going with exposed chimney breasts in the bedrooms. I've now started...
  3. T

    Please help!Plastering Victorian bare brick walls.

    Hi, Ok guys Ive got really conflicting information and its driving me crazy. I'd appreciate your help please. Small side note: I've got hardly any experience with plastering and what very small amount I do have is using gypsum plaster. So I had to hack the existing plaster of my victorian...
  4. P

    Just arrived

    Hi all. Have been reading posts here for a while but only just decided to jump in. Please be nice to me; I'm not a plasterer, I'm a joiner. Like most trades, I've multi-skilled quiet extensively over the years. But of all trades, it's plasterers for whome I have the most admiration. Ive built...