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  1. OLΞΔ

    Recommendations using Smarter Surface magnetic plaster

    Hi all! Thanks in advance for sharing you knowledge and experience on this, Been reading some posts and for sure you guys have build a great community! I happen to found the forum because of a post related to a Smarter Surface (SS) competition on 2017, I tried to contact them by social media...
  2. Barbara

    Smarter Surfaces Launches Smart Magnetic Plaster. Competition time!

    Hi all, We had an interesting discussion going under the introduction topic so I thought I will tell you a bit more about the product... here it is. There is a new magnetic plaster available on the market by Smarter Surfaces - world leader in providing innovative surface solutions (functional...
  3. Barbara

    Hello from Smarter Surfaces

    Hi all, Nice meeting you! I am representing Smarter Surfaces (, company that is manufacturing and selling a range of functional paints, wallcovering and recently also magnetic plaster (I will post about it in the news section). Danny met us on 100% Design...