skim plaster

  1. A

    Lining paper stuck to plasterboard, how to skim

    Hello, I am preparing a house (my own) for skimming- this is a combination of skimming over old plaster, overboarding and new dot and dab. I have a plasterer doing the final skim who, whilst being a good basic plasterer, doesn't have much idea of unusual situations- I think he only does new...
  2. C

    Paint mapping

    Basically I plastered a house a few months back and all the sand and cement walls started mapping the walls where not over troweled all the slabed walls and ceiling came out perfect the painter sprayed the house it was the first time he had used it the wall where trolled well but not over...
  3. G

    Bonding drying overnight, can I skim?

    Hi everyone. Quite new to plastering, I put some bonding over the artex ceiling and filled a few gaps etc. I have left drying overnight (didn't have time to do everything in one go. ) I was supposed to be going away for a few days. I was going to 're PVA before skimming on my return in a few...
  4. Spreadinator

    Plastering a fire place

    hello all I had a call from a woman wanting me to quote for re plastering her fire place.she is having a wood burner fitted. she also wants the inside of the fire place plastered to a smooth finish. Boarding with fire board isn't an option as the space is very limited and dabbing boards on...
  5. BostonPlastering

    Boston Plastering here

    Hello all... Nice to find this Plasterers Forum today. Just wanted to say Hello. Are you a professional and skilled plasterer looking for work? Sometimes we have larger projects where an extra hand would be helpful. Are you looking for a skilled plasterer to do some work in your house? Contact...
  6. B

    Plastering window surround

    Hi everyone! This is my first post on this forum. I have done a little bit of skimming with good success but I am still very much an amateur, and I am hoping someone can help me with this question! I need to skim the surround for my window, but I do not need to skim the adjoining wall. Is...


    hi guys I've done my apprenticeship and served the last 5 years on the books which is salary based. Someone has asked me to skim a room for them 12ftx14ft walls and ceilings. Already been plasterboarded. How much would you guys charge? I'm in south east London if that helps local prices Cheers