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    Advice For Plastering Fire Place Please

    Good morning and happy VE day everyone! We are hoping to remodel the fire place in our new house as at looks bloody awful in our opinion. It currently looks like this: We want to drop the height, slap a nice bit of wood on the top, remove the protruding ledges and also reduce the size of...
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    Wheres the best place to advertise?

    Ive recently gone self employed and just looking for some advice for the best places to advertise. Im currently signed up with Skillhouse directory and ive had 2 jobs from it this month, it cost me 35 pound to join for a month with no contract and choose my own working mile radius so im happy...
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    New to plastering and desperately need some advice!

    Hello all, Apologies if this is a bone question. I've taken all the tiles off in the kitchen, and the wall underneath is solid, but uneven (see photos). I want to tile over the top, but pretty sure I need to prepare the wall in some way. I looked at bonding plaster, but the Gypsum website...
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    Seeking advice please

    Hi to you all...I have just added a rear extension to my home and I'm disgusted with roughcast. My builder firstly roughcasted pure white and my house is looked like a chess board lol. He agreed to re roughcast over first attempt but against his roughcaster advice coated over ingos...