scratch render

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    Should hessian be nailed into lime render scratchcoat? (external)

    We have some builders currently half-way through lime rendering for us. They've finished scratch coat ... but: -> I think without wetting bricks first -> have nailed hessian to this overnight (into the brick) until temperature consistently back to 5'c from Monday onwards What impact is this...
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    How was this render done?

    Just starting my renovation project on a 1980s house. The front of the house needs to be replastered. The issue is my builder has spoken to his go to plasterer and he does not know how the render was finished. They are saying they believe it is a Terylene plaster. See pics below: Any ideas...
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    Monocouche/Scratch Render

    Evening folks, Looking to see what peoples opinion is on the best scratch render? only ever done Dry Dash till now but starting out on my own been contacted by Enewall rep for England. any opinions on what it's like?