1. M

    Plastering a internal brick wall after chimney breast has been removed

    We have just had the chimney breast removed and we are left with soot stains on the wall. I have scrubbed it twice with TSP cleaner which i read was the best thing. I have read various things on how to cover it before plastering. Could someone give me some tips on what's best to do so that the...
  2. J

    SBR bond pre-skim or not?

    Hi all My house flooded in storm Dennis, am slowly rebuilding it. The walls were hacked back to stone, sbr & cement mix applied, then 2 coats of render with sbr mixed in. The walls are now ready for skimming. Prior to putting on the plaster, I've read some say pva others unibond or blue...
  3. L

    Re skimming over existing plaster

    So I fixed a small damp issue on a house of a friend where a wall had just been plastered over plaster and plaster to try and fix the issue which I’ve now solved! After 6 months The wall is now completely dry, all the bits of plaster are flaking off the wall and there is a pile of dust on the...
  4. J

    Tanking / waterproofing method

    Hello, this is my first time posting in this site after using it for information regularly over the past year, so go easy on me. I am renovating a 1930s ex council property in South Wales. It’s built with cavity wall bricks and the walls inside are mainly black mortar, but in good enough...
  5. TedTheSpread92

    Bonding Agents/stabilisers/primers!??

    Okay so it's an absolute minefield out there at the minute with all the different products out there. I just want to know what is your preferred method when it comes to dealing with high suction backgrounds. Wickes bonding agent, PVA, SBR, Blue grit, gypPrime, bond-it. As I'm aware it does...
  6. G

    Dot and Dab vs Sand and Cement

    Have a 1930's solid brick concrete floor terrace and have taken the ceilings down and walls back to brick. The wall is a flemish bond solid wall, really dusty and a draft can be felt through some of the gaps in the mortar. Having read up a bit I wanted to sand and cement with a good glug of...