sand cement internal

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    Repointing needed or not

    When doing internal rendering with sand and portland cement on solid wall to bring to level for skim finish....would you bother with repointing the old brickwork (that originally had lime mortar) before the first scratch coat or not needed?
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    Sand cement render on top of existing plaster

    I have a bowed solid exterior wall that needs levelling out upstairs in bedroom in my Victorian propety so I believe no cavity wall. By most it is out of level by about an inch in middle. Wall was already plastered with multi finish and bonding applied in some places on top of original lime...
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    Skim sand and cement ?

    Hi Just bought a house 3 bed 1930 semi , we have had it rewired. I think the walls are sand and cement, stripping the walls we have noticed the walls are in a bad way cracks everywhere , both old and new from the rewire . Im looking for advise- realistically we can’t afford to take all the...
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    Sand Cement Internal - Creamy

    dear all, I'm a diyer and would love some advice. How do I get my sand cement render creamy? Mine seems heavy and falls off easy... I'm using 4-1 with plasticiser at 1-30 parts water. On YouTube they suggest 4 sand, 1 cement, 1 water. Is that a guide to amount of water? If I get it to a point...