rising damp

  1. Y


    Hi all, I live in a property built around 1910 that’s semi-detached. We’ve had a problem with damp on 2 of the internal walls. We had a damp proofing company come out who recommended that we take around 1m of the plaster off, drill holes and inject membrane into the walls and re-plaster. I mist...
  2. O

    Crumbling plaster repair antrim road

    Hi, hoping for some help. Been let down by a few tradesmen already. We have plaster crumbling around a kitchen window. Think it's due to water ingress from blocked gutter outside. Reckon it needs stripped off, sealed and replastered. Also small part of front wall below window is damp to touch...
  3. V

    Damp on granddads house since they built next door

    So. 6 years ago they built a house next door to my mates granddad. He is end of terrace and the new house foundations lifted the ground level on that side of the house so the internal floor is now about 40cm below the outside ground level. The picture below shows the outside. Inside the house...
  4. G

    Damp + condensation + cold room fitted wardrobes 1930s Bubgalow

    Hi there I’m looking for some help and in desperate need for advice I brought a 1930s bungalow in the summer and started to notice mold and wet on the ceiling corners forming as the weather turned. I then started to experience soaking wet Walls in all corners of the exterior walls - from the...
  5. N

    Damp Proof Plasterers wanted - full time rolls

    Hi, we are a local damp proofing company covering North East England. We are looking for full time plasterers who have experience in damp proofing. Please email me on [email protected] if you are interested. Role is urgent so please get in touch asap. Thanks Neil (Marsden Damp...
  6. R

    1930's Semi-Detached rising damp help

    Hi everyone We've got a problem with rising damp in one of our rooms, which is next to a rain water drain which isn't connected to the main sewer line. This is being fixed but I want to treat and prevent. We're having the room renovated in about 3 weeks, back to brick and rebuilt. I found a...
  7. Jenniferslauth

    What things to keep in mind when hiring professionals for plaster work?

    Hello all, I am Jennifer. I am looking for professionals for plastering work. So please give me a glimpse of some good brands to choose simply the best. Thanks and Regards: Jennifer Slauth