rising damp

  1. G

    Damp + condensation + cold room fitted wardrobes 1930s Bubgalow

    Hi there I’m looking for some help and in desperate need for advice I brought a 1930s bungalow in the summer and started to notice mold and wet on the ceiling corners forming as the weather turned. I then started to experience soaking wet Walls in all corners of the exterior walls - from the...
  2. N

    Damp Proof Plasterers wanted - full time rolls

    Hi, we are a local damp proofing company covering North East England. We are looking for full time plasterers who have experience in damp proofing. Please email me on dampandtimber@live.co.uk if you are interested. Role is urgent so please get in touch asap. Thanks Neil (Marsden Damp...
  3. R

    1930's Semi-Detached rising damp help

    Hi everyone We've got a problem with rising damp in one of our rooms, which is next to a rain water drain which isn't connected to the main sewer line. This is being fixed but I want to treat and prevent. We're having the room renovated in about 3 weeks, back to brick and rebuilt. I found a...
  4. Jenniferslauth

    What things to keep in mind when hiring professionals for plaster work?

    Hello all, I am Jennifer. I am looking for professionals for plastering work. So please give me a glimpse of some good brands to choose simply the best. Thanks and Regards: Jennifer Slauth