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    Advice needed

    Hi skimmed a wall today and have ended up with cracks showing in a couple of places, think it may be down to rushing the pva coat resulting in the plaster drying too quickly, was thinking of scraping out any cracked bits and using easifill or bonding and doing reskimming the full wall, would...
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    Skim sand and cement ?

    Hi Just bought a house 3 bed 1930 semi , we have had it rewired. I think the walls are sand and cement, stripping the walls we have noticed the walls are in a bad way cracks everywhere , both old and new from the rewire . Im looking for advise- realistically we can’t afford to take all the...
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    Poor quality/finish of work.

    We have recently had work done in our house, the plasterer we had in sacked off the last room in our house as he was “injured”.. we’ve come back to the house, now the plaster has dried there are multiple areas of it blatantly being rushed and it’s a poor finish, I begrudge paying him in full for...