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    How do renderers prevent shade variation on larger elevations

    Hi all, I'm looking to get our extension rendered, and I was looking at some of the technical specifications for different products to decide what kind of render I would like (probably monocouche), and I noticed that all of them seem to specify that whole elevations should be rendered at one...
  2. Richard poole

    Can you all help ?

    Please renopen and vote at bottom of page for me ?
  3. Render Systems

    200 M2 dubbing out Darlington area must start 14th - 16th Dec

    Hi I need a squad to help me quickly dub out approx. 200 m2 lime render... don't panic I will show you what to do... its only dubbing out not rocket science... and before the critics on here start with their opinions... its 3 coat work... the dubbing out will be protected with mortar fleece for...