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  1. Skatersaml

    Skim over internal render??

    Hi All, Totally new here so please bare with me! My bathroom walls are currently tiled. There appears to be a keyed render behind this against the external walls (the bathroom is on an extension). I'll be removing the tiles and am hoping to skim over the render. Is it possible to skim over the...
  2. E

    Can you go over k render with and sand and cement 4 in 1 mix?

    Hi Can someone help answer my questions? if k render is applied to a garage and has stared to show the block work,then the customer mentions they would like it sand and cement rendered now, is it possible to SBR the k render then apply a 4 in 1 scratch coat? Thanks
  3. J

    Best plaster to use on old rendered walls?

    Hi guys. Im on a job up in Stoke on Trent and weve got some old walls that need skimming. The walls are a really black type render. And no matter how much weve pvad them they are sucking soooo much and i have to keep splashing them with water to prevent cracking. I even floated one wall in...