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    Hi. I had a base layer of KZP65 based render applied in the dry but torrential rain started within a couple of hours of application. Does this make the base layer useless? By the time it started raining, large areas were still darker/wet and then were rained on for at least 12 hours. What's...
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    Render ruined by rain

    Hello, I recently rendered a small side return on a new extension, once I had finished the job it rained extremely heavy, maybe 1/2 hours after I left the job it rained. It has damaged the render and the neighbour has kicked off saying she wants it re done as she has to look at it. Is it...
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    K-Rend damp patches after rain

    Hi there, I'm just after some help/advice please. We have had a rear ground and first floor extension which has been fully rendered in K-Rend. When we get a lot of rain i'm seeing damp looking patches on the first floor external walls, at first i was thinking it was the window sill, but can see...