1. DarthStig

    Homemade Venetian Plaster Trial and Mostly Errors.

    Hi guys, I'm trying to redo my foyer and I want to do a Venetian Plaster but man, pre-made VP is *expletive* expensive. So being an art grad, I figure I could make the stuff like the Italians of old and man it's been a pain. So far I've been unsuccessful in my attempts to recreate it. So now I'm...
  2. B

    Has anyone gone all battery tools?

    I am considering switching out my lights and drills over to battery power. I find running cords cumbersome and hazardous. Are the battery drills any good? Do I want to deal with charging/switching batteries on LED's between/during mixes. If you've done this or decided why not, I'd love some...
  3. J

    can anyone tell me what this is please?

    hi guys, can anyone tell me what this looks like to them? it doesnt smell damp and the wall is a terraced wall. i have been living in this house 1 year and it doesnt seem to have worsened in that time. thanks for any help!