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    Help with my first quote!

    Hi guys I’ve been shadowing a plasterer here and there for a couple years now alongside my other trade. I’m starting to dish out work I’m proud of and ready to start taking on a few plastering jobs here and there The problem is… I have never had to price a job. I’ve only ever worked on a trusty...
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    Measuring for plastering or taping!

    My joiner highly recommended a business to do the taping after my home refurbishment being changed for my disability. For over a year if not longer, the taper wanted sizes, I sent the plans, they were rejected as not having sizes on, then the joiner sent sizes, months later I got half a price...
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    Is it worth going on site?

    Hi all. I've been in the game about 10 years now. 90% domestic which has been fine the sites I have worked on have been small and not on m2. Basically I'm just after advice about how to get on site, average price per metre (both board and skim) and would it be worth it. Thanks in advance.