plastering fuckup

  1. S

    New built uneven ceiling?

    Hello! I was hoping to get some advice. I moved into a new build flat and whilst getting a snagging list together I discovered unevenness across all ceilings in the flat. I've reported this and it's getting fixed now, as I it just didn't seem like the ceiling should be this uneven. I would...
  2. A

    Plastering advice please

    My husband and I are currently going through our project and have come to the stage for the plastering. However we have ended up with a bumpy and strange finish. The builders tell us that they are going to fill it but to us it seems a lot of work? Both of us are not plasterers or builders so...
  3. harryj490

    Hello all

    Hello got a problem put skim on when pva went tacky normally I glue day before but today I didn't and try out on first coat ready to flatten in and plastering is dragging and slipping on pva? What can do? Wait for it to go off completely or? Please help it's a nightmare thanks you lot..