plaster on wall

  1. T

    How to get differing surfaces to take up at a similar times

    Hello, I was wondering for future reference how you go about getting a wall which might have differing suction times to take up at a similar time? Regards Tezzer
  2. C

    Plaster with shiny flecks through it

    Hi all I am doing up a room that had been all previously wallpapered, when all removed I noticed one of the walls are made of this material and not sure what it is or how best to proceed with it. the wall is grey and has a lot of shiny speckles throughout which I’ve attached a picture. Any help...
  3. B

    Best way patching holes in plaster (on indoors brick)?

    Hey everyone, Long story short, I got two big patches of plasterboard ripped out either side of the chimney breqst builders opening. I plan to use Thistle base coat (hardwall) into the large patches. After that I plan to apply multifinish coat. Is that okay? Should I also cover the small...
  4. Bluebells

    What’s sticking out of my plaster?

    I’ve just had my porch plastered, finish was great until the rain has started to get in through old rendering and is now leaking down between the plaster and brick in my porch. Now it seems as though the plaster is wearing away, (not sure if that’s possible?) but this thread looking thing has...
  5. Jack McCombe

    Plaster On Wall

    Looking for any thoughts on my most recent work using a multi-finish on plasterboard...