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    Plastering advice please

    My husband and I are currently going through our project and have come to the stage for the plastering. However we have ended up with a bumpy and strange finish. The builders tell us that they are going to fill it but to us it seems a lot of work? Both of us are not plasterers or builders so...
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    Vertical radiator on single stud?

    Hi, I have an internal, decorated plasterboard wall with poor studding: from left to right, there is a 22mm wide (i.e., horizontally parallel to the wall) stud, then a 38mm stud (the two studs are spaced 60cm), then the jack stud of the door. I need to hang a ~2500 BTUs radiator (I have gas...
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    Plaster patch over lathe ceiling

    Hi everyone so i have a hole in my ceiling that has lathes behind it the rest of the ceiling is sound the hole is roughly 0.5m square area the problem I have is the thickness of existing plaster is around 17mm so if I was to put a patch of plasterboard in and screw to joists and lathes I'd have...
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    Plastering in bathroom issues

    Hi We are doing part wetroom, rest part tile and paint. ie fully tiled in shower area floor to wall. This has the Hardi backer or cement boards. This is perfect for the tiling area. Now the issue is that some of the other area we want to tile half way up and rest paint to the ceiling. the...
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    Fixing Methods for 50mm thermal backed plasterboard

    Hi Looking at a job where the client wants the property boarded out and plastered. the boards are 50mm insulated backed boards, fixed onto block work, after some research, I know they can be fixed with addy but unsure as to how many hammer plug screws are needed per 2.4x1.2 boards after been...
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    Boxing in a steel

    Hi all, Looking for some plaster boarding advise, how would you attach plasterboard to the bigger rhs steel? From Googling I understand using cls in the I shape for the smaller beam but I don't see a way for the rhs? Appreciate the help (this is an old pic before the doors and all were finished)
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    Looking for tackers and dabbers local to Cambridgeshire

    Looking for local tackers and dabbers in Cambridgeshire area for work on a new build site in Peterborough and Downham. Please get in contact for further details on 07894151108