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  1. Lomax

    Repainting a wall with visible joint

    Hi all, I’m about to repaint a wall that has a dodgy plastering job. The plaster joint is visible and uneven: Any tips on how exactly to prep/sand this area before repainting such that the joint will not be visible? I was just going to lightly sand, but wanted to see if anyone else has dealt...
  2. J

    Help! Blue spots coming through white paint?!

    Hi all, I need help! I’ve recently moved into an apartment building and blue spots have been appearing through the white paint in my bedroom. I have no idea what they are. Can someone please identify the problem and tell me how to fix it! It’s driving me mad! I’ve attached a photograph. Thank...
  3. perfectplastering


  4. C

    Paint mapping

    Basically I plastered a house a few months back and all the sand and cement walls started mapping the walls where not over troweled all the slabed walls and ceiling came out perfect the painter sprayed the house it was the first time he had used it the wall where trolled well but not over...
  5. M

    Skimming on paint

    Need to skim a couple of walls in a bedroom which has a semi-glossy finish, like a tough resin based emulsion on top of what is probably some fairly old plaster. The way I see it, I could either run over it with a low grit sander or summut to give a key and then PVA and skim while tacky or coat...