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    Lockdown newbie ceiling! Best way to tackle??

    Hey all, I’m no plasterer but have had a go in the past on small walls and even a small ceiling. Since this corona lockdown, getting a plasterer in is a no go, I prepared myself before hand and got all the gear before the lockdown to keep myself busy finishing up a kitchen/diner extension. The...
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    Lime novices in need of help!

    Hi guys! Really hoping someone’s able to help. We have an 1850’s Yorkshire stone terraced cottage. We’ve recently had our internal lounge (facing external wall) and fireplace wall removed of gypsum. It’s about 20sqm. We were quoted £3k to have it plastered and the guy said we’d be better off...
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    Lots of Questions

    Hey, Thanks for looking. So I've got myself into a bit of a mess with a property I'm developing. We managed to buy a house to develop with my GF and her Dad, but costs are quickly adding up and unfortunately we can't afford all the trades to come and do this stuff for us. Basically, I want...