mixing drill

  1. PenfoldPlasteringServices

    Refina Megamixer for sale.

    Refina 110v MM30 1800w Megamixer with brand new paddle, This is the most powerful paddle mixer on the market. In used but great condition. Included in with the sale will be 110v transformer, 110v extension lead, Also a used paddle. Cash on collection from Bracknell, Berkshire.
  2. C

    Has anyone gone all battery tools?

    I am considering switching out my lights and drills over to battery power. I find running cords cumbersome and hazardous. Are the battery drills any good? Do I want to deal with charging/switching batteries on LED's between/during mixes. If you've done this or decided why not, I'd love some...
  3. H

    cordless mixer advice?

    Looking for a good cordless mixer!! 90% of time will be used to knock up plaster Roughly mixing 1-8 bags a day depends on the runs, Currently use a refund mega mix 1800w but debating buying a cordless if good reviews.