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    Microcement substrate

    Planning a wet room which will be finished floor to ceiling in Micro cement. I'll be getting in a pro to do the Micro cement itself but wondering if you could recommend a substrate for this to go on? The walls are currently timber studs with Celotex between the rafters, the floor is a concrete...
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    newbie - having a go at microcement?

    Hi all - a newbie to plastering but have an absolutly knackered bathroom and really like the look of microcement. I joined to get info from the experts and see whether it's worth having a go myself. If I balls it up ill just sand it off and tile over it lol
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    Kitchen Microcement wall

    Hi I need a 12m squared kitchen wall finished with microcement. It is on a new build that has been plastered. The location is Tring Hertfordshire HP23 4QZ. For more info call Robert on 07866 426268
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    Good uk microcement supplier

    New to this so bear with me - we use alot of KC Berry Microcement but more recently their service and lead in times have just become appauling. We are struggling to find a comparable product in finish, quality and cost. Can anybody recommend a suitable alternative preferably a UK supplier to...
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    Bathroom Tadelakt, Venetian, Carrara or Microcement

    Hi I am an interior designer and looking to do a bathroom in a Tadelakt finish but I am slightly wary of its durability and the fact that it would be installed in an old house that could have some movement. There seems to be a few products on the market that have a similar visual effect, such...