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    Microcement substrate

    Planning a wet room which will be finished floor to ceiling in Micro cement. I'll be getting in a pro to do the Micro cement itself but wondering if you could recommend a substrate for this to go on? The walls are currently timber studs with Celotex between the rafters, the floor is a concrete...
  2. L

    Looking for someone who can micro cement bathroom

    Fitting new bathroom and would like to micro cement floor, walls and surround of the inset bath. Bathroom is only 2.3 x 2.1m and ceiling height is 2.5m I am based in Harpenden, AL5, but struggling to find anyone, can anyone recommend anyone? Thanks
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    newbie - having a go at microcement?

    Hi all - a newbie to plastering but have an absolutly knackered bathroom and really like the look of microcement. I joined to get info from the experts and see whether it's worth having a go myself. If I balls it up ill just sand it off and tile over it lol
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    Wetroom fail... Advice

    Hi, As part of renovations, we had a wet room with microcement walls. I don't think the builder had done this before. When the shower was first tested, a water stain around the bottom edge came up immediately. It was left to dry out for two/three weeks, but the stain did not go away. (Faded...
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    Microcement. Water based vs resin based

    Hi all, I’ve been microcementing for a few years now, and was just wondering what microcement products other applicators are using. I’ve used microcement that uses resin, and found it was really strong but not as easy to apply. It dries much quicker while applying it, which risks overlaps and...
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    Looking for experienced freelance applicators for micro cement

    Im currently looking for freelance trowel artisans to work on call for my business. I often get larger jobs that require extra hands on deck and will pay well. please contact me right away if you have the talent required.