make good

  1. M

    BNQ Make good Finishing Plaster

    Has any one used this product yet ? Its white and like knauf 1st coat and 2nd coat is lovely to put on but can i hell finish this with out waiting over 3hours and the work am haveing to put into it is mental just wanted to no how you guys getting on with it and if you have masterd a technique as...
  2. Tashwa

    Newbie - is this a good job??

    Hi, We have recently had a plasterer in to make good after some rewiring. He mentioned something about how electricians usually leave the sockets off so that he can plaster properly. The electrician said he couldn't possibly leave them off as there was a couple of weeks between electrician and...
  3. A

    Anyone tried the new plaster in B&Q 'Make Good' (seen it in other places too) I was Impressed

    it was cheaper, it felt good on the trowel, it went on well and spread well. the Adhesive was class, grabbed instantly, dried quickly, smooth to mix. i have been impressed so far.