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    K-Rend London

    New Area Sales Manager for London Rory Talbot rory.talbot@k-rend.co.uk Instagram: @Krendking Anything you need let me know
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    K-rend thin coat

    I have a bit of experience with thin coat render as the job I've been on had some balcony ceilings done and it all went ok(in the end). Thing is now I've been given a house to do and I'm just concerned about how it bits together on each lift of the scaffold on big walls! I'm not thinking about...
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    Lancy Screed pump, Plastering Machine For Sale

    Picture of the clock shows the hours, approx. 650 hours. It has been highly maintained complete with: Spare wheel Pressure hose additional hopper box surrounding 2x50mm Screed hoses (13m in length each) Recently fitted rotor and stator Recently serviced running gear Onboard pressure washer...