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  1. B

    Hello everyone

    I'd like to insulate my concrete garage and I'm not sure if I need more insulation? Internally I plan to: 1. Paint the concrete slabs and roof with anti condensation concrete paint 2. Use DIY spray foam insulation kit on the ceiling and walls (...
  2. ProofShield

    Free product giveaway

    We're looking for ways to increase the visibility of our insulating render product in the UK and have decided that the best way is to get it into the hands of people that will make good use of it and give us feedback for case studies in return. ProofTherm insulating render is a lightweight...
  3. A

    Insulation / Batten advice

    Hi, I live on a end terrce house and as such my bedroom in winter is always really cold. I plan to batten the external wall and then plasterboard over, however I was also planning on putting some standard (loft type) insulation between the wall and plasterboard, however I have then been reading...
  4. G

    Dot and Dab vs Sand and Cement

    Have a 1930's solid brick concrete floor terrace and have taken the ceilings down and walls back to brick. The wall is a flemish bond solid wall, really dusty and a draft can be felt through some of the gaps in the mortar. Having read up a bit I wanted to sand and cement with a good glug of...
  5. EugenesDIYDen

    Mushroom Fixings - How Many for an 8 x 4 Sheet?

    So I'm insulating the kitchen with 63mm overall, insulated plasterboard. Kingspan recommended using 18 fixings per board and this is how many I used for attaching the first board. However it seems OTT. Looking at what other people suggest online, I've seen anything ranging from 6 per board to...