1. 0

    Fixing Methods for 50mm thermal backed plasterboard

    Hi Looking at a job where the client wants the property boarded out and plastered. the boards are 50mm insulated backed boards, fixed onto block work, after some research, I know they can be fixed with addy but unsure as to how many hammer plug screws are needed per 2.4x1.2 boards after been...
  2. R

    Insulating boards - 1930's Semi question

    Hi everyone I've bought a load of standard boards and now decided I may want to insulate them with polystyrene, can this be done? Literally some spray glue and bosh... I only ask because I've already got the boards, and have a few cold spots and damp patches in the old plaster. Upstairs I've...
  3. EugenesDIYDen

    Mushroom Fixings - How Many for an 8 x 4 Sheet?

    So I'm insulating the kitchen with 63mm overall, insulated plasterboard. Kingspan recommended using 18 fixings per board and this is how many I used for attaching the first board. However it seems OTT. Looking at what other people suggest online, I've seen anything ranging from 6 per board to...