external wall insulation

  1. G

    insulate whole property outside or inside the Cold room

    Hi there I have a 1930s bungalow which has had really bad condensation / Damp issues in the main room This room is also the coldest room of the property and doesn’t heat well with central heating (we always use an oil heater for inside the room) I have been advised to unblock the vent(...
  2. ProofShield

    Free product giveaway

    We're looking for ways to increase the visibility of our insulating render product in the UK and have decided that the best way is to get it into the hands of people that will make good use of it and give us feedback for case studies in return. ProofTherm insulating render is a lightweight...
  3. William Simpson

    Insurance backed gaurantee's

    Hiya folks, am looking to see what companies are out there offering 25 year insurance backed guarantee's for external wall insulation systems? I've looked Kinnell, SWIGA & GDGC is there anybody else??