1. S

    Help! which render over EWI onto EML

    Hello. Would very much appreciate any advice on which product(s) would be the most suitable for finishing the pictured project. In hindsight I have realised that the wrong insulation has been used (probably to save money) and it would have been better to have covered it with external cement...
  2. T

    K Rend Vs Vimark. Thoughts?

    Lads, Currently stocking K Rend, but looking for another good quality Render System and have heard good things about Vimark. Your thoughts on the differences in the material would be great.
  3. O

    Ewi Job in Doncaster

    Hi We have an EWI job in Doncaster that we need doing would anyone be interested? Thanks Olly
  4. C

    Sand & Cement on EWI

    I just seen a house been done with kingspan insulation board on the outside of a house. It was pinned on with the mushroom pins, loads of them. Then some sort of building paper/vapour barrier. Then on top of that expanded metal lath. Scratch coated and rendered smooth. The guy said he done it...
  5. M


    Experienced EWI squads required for contracts in Scotalnd. Good rates, weekly pay for right squads. Excellent well organised contract. looking for sqauds ASAP. Send CV to: rec@poseident.com Alternatively call our head office on 01315530033.
  6. William Simpson

    Insurance backed gaurantee's

    Hiya folks, am looking to see what companies are out there offering 25 year insurance backed guarantee's for external wall insulation systems? I've looked Kinnell, SWIGA & GDGC is there anybody else??
  7. mikeg7099

    basecoat and acrylic top coat

    Am I taking the piss asking for £25 m2 for basecoat, mesh and acrylic top coat? Buckinghamshire area.