1. A

    Older German Drywall screw gun identification

    Good afternoon all, I've got an older, German-made, drywall screw gun. I am looking for the manufacture. Does anyone have any thoughts??? New user here, acreage with home owner, lots of buildings to maintain, etc, etc... Thanks for any replies~! ~Michael
  2. R

    Metal Corner Tape

    With most rolls being 30 metres, what are your thoughts on bigger rolls (i.e. 50 metres) or pre-cut lengths? Standard lengths or made to order lengths? Would this be an advantage on site?
  3. J

    Drywall on waterproof paint

    Hi, Looking at putting drywall adhesive onto a bricked wall which has been DPC injected and coated with 3 layers of waterproofing paint. The last coat of paint wasn’t blinded with sand. Does anyone have any advice on how to get the drywall adhesive to stick to the waterproof paint so it can be...
  4. J

    tapered edge used instead of square edge, can it be skimmed?

    Hi, Please would you advise. I am renovating a house and using professionals where necessary, this includes plastering. I have used tapered edge boards because I am yet to make the decision on drywall or skim. If I decide to pay a professional plasterer to skim the taper-edged boards (I have no...
  5. EugenesDIYDen

    Mushroom Fixings - How Many for an 8 x 4 Sheet?

    So I'm insulating the kitchen with 63mm overall, insulated plasterboard. Kingspan recommended using 18 fixings per board and this is how many I used for attaching the first board. However it seems OTT. Looking at what other people suggest online, I've seen anything ranging from 6 per board to...
  6. BostonPlastering

    Boston Plastering here

    Hello all... Nice to find this Plasterers Forum today. Just wanted to say Hello. Are you a professional and skilled plasterer looking for work? Sometimes we have larger projects where an extra hand would be helpful. Are you looking for a skilled plasterer to do some work in your house? Contact...
  7. A

    Plastering over a previously water damaged wall - need advice

    Hoping for a little advice if possible. Our boiler sprung a leak and water trickled down through the floor and damaged our bathroom wall. Thought i had dealt with the damp and waited months before stripping the paint and replastering. However when i did replaster parts look wavy. Uping touching...