dry lining

  1. R

    Metal Corner Tape

    With most rolls being 30 metres, what are your thoughts on bigger rolls (i.e. 50 metres) or pre-cut lengths? Standard lengths or made to order lengths? Would this be an advantage on site?

    Best Course for Speed Taping in the North?

    Im coming from Merseyside and have spoke to British Gypsum, they only have a course in Scotland at the moment. Anybody know where the Best Course for Speed Taping is in the North/Central of England?
  3. James Mulvenna

    Is Skimming Dying out?

    I have worked in various places/countries and most of Europe for example stopped using skim a long time ago. Ceilings are generally MF laying grid or Dry lined. Walls are generally one coat machine plaster or else (like many refurb's) ready mixed Sand cement usually out from a machine...