dot and dab plasterboard's plaster

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    Dot and Dab plasterboard before tiling

    advice needed please I’m having a bathroom refurb and as you can see from the images attached, within minutes of the old tiles being removed, it’s obvious the old plaster underneath will follow suit. Would you suggest removing all the tiles and the remaining (if any) plaster and then dot and...
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    Dot and dab dusty walls

    I'm a spread don't normally do dot and dabbing, iv brought a house and iv knocked every bit of plaster off because it was blown, and now it is dusty as f**k I tryed dabbing onto it and some boards stuck and some still bounce what shall I do? Wet the walls with water? Or pva?
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    Dot and dab plasterboard's or just plaster?

    Hi guys, I have some rising damp and have been advised by a company the following and would like to ask if this sounds like the correct procedure? Remove all damaged plaster due to rising damp up to 1m high. Remove all debris. Apply a coat of KA tanking slurry. - (BAA aproved) Leave for...