1. W

    Plastering Bathroom

    Hi, I'm wanting to try my hand at plastering over the weekend in our house. We removed the wallpaper and presented with this.. Any advice will be greatly appreciated
  2. Wayners

    Cyclone vacuum dust extractor

    Made this cyclone..really easy to make and some use a old Dyson or just make a cyclone from old plastic tub and waste fittings. See youtube... The one in picture is not the turbo cyclone as could not wait for it to come from china, that has a rounded top. This is the flat top standard cyclone...
  3. R

    Lime or Not To Lime - That is the Question

    evening All, I've had some good advice and need just a little more. I'm doing an internal s/c render and have the scratch coat on the walls. I used 4-1 with plasticiser for that coat. I plan to do the next coat tomorrow and need to know if I should add hydrated lime. I've got a bag already...