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    Dot and Dab Insulated Plasterboard Condensation

    Hi all, Need some urgent advise thanks. I wanted to create a home office so had the outhouse in my garden fitted with 6 double power outlets (back boxes to the brickwork) then dot and dabbed directly to the brick with, on advice of the builder, Knauf 27mm XPS plus insulated plasterboard after...
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    Damp Issue?

    Hi, Moved into new house in the summer. We have had a few issues as it is a very old house that was returned back in 2014. The latest issue is dots appearing on wall when the room is hot. My guess is condensation or maybe damp? Its a kitchen/living room. Quite small. When I went to check...
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    insulate whole property outside or inside the Cold room

    Hi there I have a 1930s bungalow which has had really bad condensation / Damp issues in the main room This room is also the coldest room of the property and doesn’t heat well with central heating (we always use an oil heater for inside the room) I have been advised to unblock the vent(...
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    Damp + condensation + cold room fitted wardrobes 1930s Bubgalow

    Hi there I’m looking for some help and in desperate need for advice I brought a 1930s bungalow in the summer and started to notice mold and wet on the ceiling corners forming as the weather turned. I then started to experience soaking wet Walls in all corners of the exterior walls - from the...
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    A potential customer has a lot of black spot mold on exturnal bedroom wall. I plan to fix pollystyrine backed boards to this wall to provent cold tracking through. Will fixing boards direct to wall be ok or will i need to latt it and fix boards to latts to create a caverty?
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    Plaster drying

    I recently bought out three walls with plasterboard and plastered them. This was yesterday 12.9.18 and I wasn’t told to leave any form of ventilation in the room so this morning when I entered the room there was condensation on the windows. I’ve opened the door and windows and it cleared. I just...