1. T

    Limecrete - Is there any point?

    I'm the proud new owner of a Grade II Listed building with a mountain of damp issues. We have a very lengthy remediation plan including exterior masonry paint removal, french drains, re-plastering with lime plaster etc etc. We have a concrete slab in the kitchen which needs replacing because...
  2. B

    Hello everyone

    I'd like to insulate my concrete garage and I'm not sure if I need more insulation? Internally I plan to: 1. Paint the concrete slabs and roof with anti condensation concrete paint 2. Use DIY spray foam insulation kit on the ceiling and walls (...
  3. Taronus

    Potential damp cottage wall - Help

    Hey guys! I just registered on this forum and thought I give it a try as I am really struggling at the moment. I own an old cottage in Dorset which I’m renovating at the moment. The pre owners haven’t used the cottage for 30 years. So it has not been heated at all. every single wall is fine...
  4. Larry Butterfingers

    Gypsum Plaster (?) in ... Slovenia

    Hello, Plasterers Forum! The wife and I have moved into a run-down apartment here in Slovenia. She agreed that we'd renovate it. Basically that means she gets to buy all new furniture while I have to renovate the place. I'm a novice when it comes to this. I've got a few functioning brain cells...