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    Best process to fix and plaster this wall

    Hi all, I am looking for some advice on how to fix and plaster this room / wall, pictures attached. I have just purchased a 1960's ex-council property, removed the wallpaper and found that the plaster behind it was blown and needed removing, behind the blown plaster looks like a cement render...
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    External Porch overhang from extension rendering

    Hello all, I would like to render a External Porch overhang from an extension, but unsure how I could go about this? I would like a modern smooth finish to the underside. The area is around 1m x 2m which overhangs... Currently it is just beams so unsure as to which board / method to use to...
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    Lime or Not To Lime - That is the Question

    evening All, I've had some good advice and need just a little more. I'm doing an internal s/c render and have the scratch coat on the walls. I used 4-1 with plasticiser for that coat. I plan to do the next coat tomorrow and need to know if I should add hydrated lime. I've got a bag already...