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  1. DTF interiors

    Across the pond

    Afternoon all, What’s the equivalent too multi or board finish, In the states? @British Gypsum
  2. BritishGypsum

    Fancy joining us for a night at the pub?

    On Wednesday 5th July we will be hosting an evening of beer, pub grub, product demos and plasterers’ chat in Hemel Hempstead. This is an opportunity for local plasterers to see new products such as Thistle Bonding 60, catch-up with other plasterers and meet the British Gypsum team. Sign up to...
  3. BritishGypsum

    Calling all Birmingham plasterers!

    On Thursday 9th Feb we will be hosting an evening of beer tasting, product demos and plasterers’ chat in Birmingham. This is an opportunity for you to see new products such as Thistle Bonding 60, catch-up with other local plasterers and meet the British Gypsum team. If you would like to join...
  4. D

    multi peeling off ?!

    My Spread called me yesterday all stressed as he had 3 ceilings on,second coated and had started trowelling in. He said that it was all 'peeling off on me'. This is all onto fresh plasterboard and using new multi (all delivered from Encon on Monday). He described it as like putting bonding onto...
  5. Danny

    Thestudio Offers Greater Flexibility With British Gypsum Magnetic Plaster

    British Gypsum has helped leading city centre meeting and event venue, thestudio, enhance its distinctive customer offering using Thistle Magnetic Plaster.
  6. BritishGypsum

    Thistle Undercoats Q&A

    Hi all, It’s time for another Q&A! This time we’ll be looking at Thistle Undercoat Plasters on 7th October at 4pm. As usual, we’ll be taking live questions for an hour but let us know if you have any in advance - our favourite may just win a prize! Cheers, British Gypsum
  7. Danny

    British Gypsum Solves University’s Durability Challenge

    Leading plaster, plasterboard and drylining specialist, British Gypsum, has provided durable wall lining solutions to create a hard-wearing, low-maintenance interior at the University of Hertfordshire’s College Lane Campus, Hatfield...
  8. BritishGypsum

    DIY SOS: The Big Build - can you help?

    Hi everyone, We’re working with ISG, an international construction services company and the BBC on DIY SOS: The Big Build, for a Veteran’s Special and we need your help! We need plastering volunteers to help with the most ambitious build ever: turning 7 derelict houses in Manchester into a...
  9. BritishGypsum

    Thistle Magnetic Plaster Q&A

    Hi all, You may remember a couple of months ago we held a Thistle UniFinish Q&A and following your feedback our next session is going to be on Thistle Magnetic Plaster. This Friday, (June 12th) Plaster Product Manager, Paul Cassidy, will be online between 4-5pm to answer all your Magnetic...
  10. Danny

    British Gypsum Reveals #BGSHOUTOUT Winners

    @BritishGypsum has revealed the winners of its hotly contested #BGShoutOut competition for plastering apprentices.
  11. scottie5


    So is it any good @stuart23 (y), and more importantly.. Has it fell off yet :frenetico:.
  12. G

    I used uni finish today

    On a silky looking textured ceiling 12m2 it worked really well on that loads of time maybe be to much. I then used it on a wall and a few patches where the sparks had chased out, the end result was ok but man it was going off as soon as it was on,2 coats same mix plenty of water lots of sweat...
  13. Danny

    The British Gypsum White Book is Revamped

    The British Gypsum White Book was first published in 1972 and the white book is recognised as a reliable source of information for anyone within the plastering sector of the construction industry. This book is kind of like the Bible for plasterers...
  14. Danny

    why magnetic plaster works for me

    Myself and the wife have travelled the world and experienced a lot of different cultures and having a photo wall is a lot easier with magnetic plaster @BritishGypsum We started putting them up the other day... randomly throwing them on... that whole wall will be covered soon... not sure why...
  15. Danny

    The Renovation Project #18: British Gypsum UniFinish

    The Renovation Project #18: British Gypsum UniFinish - Plasterers News I have been using Uni Finish on my new place...