1. R

    PVA over bond coat?

    Hey all. First timer here so be nice… Levelling up a kitchen off shoot wall to the dining room where we’ve had a wall taken out. It needed building up about 18mm so I’ve done one coat of bonding and didn’t realised the second coat had to be done soon after. I did the first coat yesterday...
  2. W

    What did I do wrong with my bonding?

    Hey people. So, after trying a few times to get a pro to come out and even give me a quote for an artex ceiling with no success, I decided to give it a go myself - like what's the worse that could happen! :D Anyway, PVA'd the ceiling nicely, got some bonding mixed up and went to town on it. Two...
  3. B

    PVA for thistle bonding on lime

    When using Thistle Bonding coat to patch and flatten/level out a old rough lime background like shown in pic, is a coat or two of pva required? If so what ratio is best?
  4. B

    What to use to level out bowed wall..hardwall?

    I have a solid exterior wall (non cavity) upstairs in Victorian property, not ground floor. It is bowed floor to ceiling and start to end with window in between. It is rendered on the outside. I have been advised NOT to use browning or bonding as this attracts moisture. Wall was already multi...
  5. B

    Sand cement render on top of existing plaster

    I have a bowed solid exterior wall that needs levelling out upstairs in bedroom in my Victorian propety so I believe no cavity wall. By most it is out of level by about an inch in middle. Wall was already plastered with multi finish and bonding applied in some places on top of original lime...
  6. R


    Hi guys , I'm roughcasting an external wall but I need to apply some kind of waterproofer/Sealant before I roughcast the external wall. Any tips on the best product to use would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Robbie.
  7. A

    New to plastering and desperately need some advice!

    Hello all, Apologies if this is a bone question. I've taken all the tiles off in the kitchen, and the wall underneath is solid, but uneven (see photos). I want to tile over the top, but pretty sure I need to prepare the wall in some way. I looked at bonding plaster, but the Gypsum website...
  8. BritishGypsum

    Fancy joining us for a night at the pub?

    On Wednesday 5th July we will be hosting an evening of beer, pub grub, product demos and plasterers’ chat in Hemel Hempstead. This is an opportunity for local plasterers to see new products such as Thistle Bonding 60, catch-up with other plasterers and meet the British Gypsum team. Sign up to...
  9. C

    Bonding between gaps in plasterboard before skim

    Hi all 2 questions around the bonding i had to put on my PB! I dot and dabbed some insulation board onto the external walls in my study-to-be, and ended up with some gaps (both between the ceiling and wall boards and the wall boards themselves). Some small ones about 5mm others quite big about...
  10. Justin101

    Using a double coat of Thistle Bonding Coat to achieve estimated 22mm thickness.

    Hi All. big hello to all here.. what a great forum. I have a simple question. I have an area of wall that requires Thistle bonding coat to be applied up to a thickness of around 22 mm. I am aware that the maximum thickness of said bonding coat is 11mm. Is it possible to slowly build up by...