blown plaster

  1. P

    My plasterer skimmed OVER wallpaper - HELP

    I booked my plasterer via checkatrade - he was really highly rated so I didn't question his methods. He applied primer to the wallpaper on the ceiling. Some bubbling/raising of the plaster has since occurred. Will the problem of cracks etc get worse as a result of not stripping the wallpaper...
  2. H

    Advice needed please

    Hi all! I’ve started ripping out my kitchen and have come to remove the tiles and the plaster has blown in a pretty large area. The bottom third of the wall seems solid but above this is falling off in large pieces. There’s no damp, but the old fan was roughly in the centre if that could have...
  3. Colm O'Donnell

    Please help! Advice on blown plaster.

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone could help. My wife and I purchased a newly constructed home about nearly three years ago. When we moved in after a month or two, we noticed the plaster began to blow on one of the masonry walls. The builder kindly came back, chipped it back to solid areas...