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    External render w/ Bauwer light, London

    Hi, I’m looking for someone to do an external rendering job on my house in London with Bauwer Light. I like the idea of some thermal insulation since it’s an old house. If you have experience using Bauwer light and work in London please get in touch. thanks
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    Wood wool, Lime OneCoat and Bauer’s advice/help needed

    Hi I’m talking with reference to this job I posted. I’d decided on bauwer but lead times for work and long drying times made me look for an alternative option. i then...
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    Lancaster - plasterer with Bauwer products experience, or similar

    Hi I have a large 1860's end terrace which we will be renovating throughout room by room. Walls are stolid stone with original lime plaster which needs extensively renewing throughout the whole house. Lime plaster is proving prohibitively expensive due to the sheer size of the property so...