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    Insulation / Batten advice

    Hi, I live on a end terrce house and as such my bedroom in winter is always really cold. I plan to batten the external wall and then plasterboard over, however I was also planning on putting some standard (loft type) insulation between the wall and plasterboard, however I have then been reading...
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    Old plaster crumbling in 1930s semi detached hallway

    Hi everyone. Wanted to get an opinion on an issue I’ve got. I’ve had some people in who’ve been ripping out my hallway and landing ceilings (old textured/artex ceilings) and they accidentally pulled away some plaster on the gabel end wall. The plaster comes away quite easily and is very easy to...
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    Hiding soot stained chimney breast with battens/plywood/plasterboard

    all Just looking for some advice or ideas to cover up the attached picture situation please. Log/coal fire my mum had didn't have flexible flue installed so soot build up in chimney only discovered after painting walls. Getting flue installed now etc but the stains will continue to come...