1. AJLH

    Plastering a hard wall in my bathroom

    Hello. I would like some recommendations on which plaster to use in my bathroom please. I have a 60s semi detached and all the walls in the house are concrete block. We've taken it back to the blocks, and the walls which are being tiled have cement boards and SBR. There is a space above the...
  2. L

    Fibre Cement Board Bathroom Ceiling Skim

    I know this is the DIY Plastering forum, and not the cement board forum, but I’m hoping someone can offer some advice regarding cement board for a bathroom ceiling. Some Background I’m creating a shower room which I’ve timber framed to make square and allow for interior insulation. I’ve also...
  3. L

    Looking for someone who can micro cement bathroom

    Fitting new bathroom and would like to micro cement floor, walls and surround of the inset bath. Bathroom is only 2.3 x 2.1m and ceiling height is 2.5m I am based in Harpenden, AL5, but struggling to find anyone, can anyone recommend anyone? Thanks
  4. V

    Bathroom walls - undercoat/skim or render?

    Hi, Taking tiles off the wall and some of the plaster just came off with the tiles and now need to repair plaster which is about 2cm thick in some places. Not sure if this plaster and needs new undercoat and skim before tiling over it or am i supposed to use cement render as its a bathroom...
  5. Skatersaml

    Skim over internal render??

    Hi All, Totally new here so please bare with me! My bathroom walls are currently tiled. There appears to be a keyed render behind this against the external walls (the bathroom is on an extension). I'll be removing the tiles and am hoping to skim over the render. Is it possible to skim over the...
  6. Skatersaml

    Skim over internal render?

    Hi all, My bathroom wall is currently tiled with what appears to be a keyed render behind (there is some sort of a grey thin coat inbetween the render and the time adhesive). I want to remove the tiles and skim over the render. Is this possible? If so, do I need to use a bonding agent or can I...