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    Cracked asbestos artex ceiling

    Evening all, We've got a dodgy bedroom ceiling that we've been struggling to make a decision about for a while. It's badly cracked in multiple places and has clear sagging in others. We had a very similar issue in our other bedroom but were able to rip that one down and replace with...
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    Asbestos - External render, lath and plaster

    Hi, would appreciate some help. Had a look around and it appears that some cement and plaster may contain asbestos. as with most plasterers I have spent lots of time hacking off external sand and cement render and old lath and plaster… has this contained asbestos in the uk? The education on...
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    Grey plaster/plaster board with gold flecks?

    Hi I’m getting some work done on my roof and the aftermath has been bits of plaster falling from my bedroom ceiling. There’s 9 or 10 1inch in diameter circles that have fallen and have exposed the nails in the board. I have absolutely no experience with anything to do with plastering so please...
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    In need of some advice and guidance please...Unidentified coarse coating...

    Hello, I moved in to my new home mid August and as we were getting it painted the decorator noticed that the skim on one kitchen wall was lifting off. So a lot of it cracked and fell away from tapping etc. This wall has layers on layers of plaster etc. There was historic damp from a leak in the...
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    Introduction and asbestos question

    Hey you all, we're curently remodeling our house which we bought about a month and a half ago. The seller said house had no asbestos in it at all or whatsoever. However we just came across this insulation in the ceiling. Could you guys tell if it is an asbestos insulation or not cuz I'm kinda...
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    Is this asbestos?

    Hello folks, Working through a basement demo and came across what seems to be insulation board tucked under the heating duct. Before going any further, want to check if this looks like it contains asbestos? Appreciate any input!
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    Does anyone know what this is?

    Hi, I haven't had much experience with decorating and plastering ect. Me and my partner have recently just stripped the wallpaper and pulled off the skirting board in our main bedroom and found it's looks like black soft fluff/soil material and then the grey part on the wall (as shown in the...
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    What kind of asbestos exposure have I had.

    My house was built in 1974. I moved in about five years ago. In the last 3-4 years I've done several projects. Ceiling fan, new door into closet, and several other smaller wall cuts. My walls also have a textured appearance which I've just learned might be artex and have asbestos in it...