1. W

    Cracked asbestos artex ceiling

    Evening all, We've got a dodgy bedroom ceiling that we've been struggling to make a decision about for a while. It's badly cracked in multiple places and has clear sagging in others. We had a very similar issue in our other bedroom but were able to rip that one down and replace with...
  2. L

    In need of some advice and guidance please...Unidentified coarse coating...

    Hello, I moved in to my new home mid August and as we were getting it painted the decorator noticed that the skim on one kitchen wall was lifting off. So a lot of it cracked and fell away from tapping etc. This wall has layers on layers of plaster etc. There was historic damp from a leak in the...
  3. S

    Artex spotting?

    Is it normal to have these spots a week after skimming over artex? How long you reckon till it dries fully? Also some spots are slightly orange in colour. Scraped it, pva then skimmed.
  4. A

    Advice needed please. Plastering on artex ceilings.

    Hi Everyone, hope this is posted in the right section, please could someone advise/move if it isn’t. Had my whole house professionally skimmed/plastered including artex ceilings and unfortunetly some haven’t come out great. Had a decorator put a mist coat on and he’s slated the finish saying...
  5. Wayners

    Artex ceiling

    Stippled a ceiling which is the first one I done in years. Could be my last and amazingly this property I textured my first ceiling 35 years ago when I was 15. Just no call for it these days and the cost of a bag is shocking vs what I used to pay. Anyone still at this trade?
  6. Wayners

    Artex sealer

    Looks to me it's disconnected? Everywhere around me has no stock. Ie trade centre and B&Q. Anyone hear anything about this? Guess I'll have to switch to some decent Pva instead when I'm doing repairs but no idea what to use if I artex a ceiling. Water based undercoat I guess,as that should work...