1. D

    Skim Coat En Suite

    Hi, I have just had the wet shower area of my ensuite dry lined. The plasterer is now skimming all the walls over the plasterboard. I thought I had asked for aquaboard instead of normal plasterboard. I was going to ask him to change it to aquaboard. However, he has assured me that the plaster...
  2. Mbk04

    Stick render boards

    Hi guys, anyone recommend an extermal adhesive to stick render boards to painted concrete? Also does anyone use aqua boards?
  3. J

    Aquapanel rendering.

    Hello all. I specialise in Timber Frame extensions and usually finish with aquapanel and a parex product. The extension I am building at the moment needs to be matched with dash to the house. Has anyone ever applied aquapanel, maite and mesh as usual and then once dry, one coat sand and cement...